Dusty old vinyl samples mixed with Yolanda’s silky smooth vocals take you on a journey to that golden place where music is sweet.

Sargeant X Comrade can be described as the pioneers of Lo Fi Soul. A new sound that is gaining popularity throughout Canada and all over the world. Yolanda’s rich, smoky vocal tones have been catching the attention of music connoisseurs and neo-soul enthusiasts from all over. Sargeant X Comrade’s first release “Magic Radio” has been well received and is quickly gaining popularity on the radio charts. It includes some big name veteran rap features (from Canada & US) as well as some funky musicians that help bring the whole sound together.

Genres: Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Lo Fi Soul, Experimental, Nu-Jazz

Magic Radio (released June 20th, 2020) is Sargeant X Comrade’s 1st full length album.

The thoughtful and sleek vocal stylings of Yolanda Sargeant and brilliant, low-tempo persuasions of Evgeniy Bykovets may seem an odd pairing, but the combination proves near brilliance. A fever-dream of Erykah Badu singing Billie Holiday backed by Massive Attack – the dynamic group are both magnetic and relevant, engaging and narcotic. Intellectually stimulating while remaining accessible, consciously uncoupling from the preconceptions of trip-hop and self-described as ‘Lo-Fi Soul’, the result is something entirely unprecedented. Although Canadian duo Sargeant X Comrade are decidedly understated in approach and attitude, their hypnotic melodies have been hard to miss. The two have been collaborating and creating waves both on and off stage since 2014, boasting partnerships with Kool Keith, Moka Only, Scotty Hills, Planet Asia, Choclair and Touch, among others. Their forward-thinking, Neo-soul style is both evident and curated, expertly showcased on their 2020 EP ‘Magic Radio’. Tunes and grooves dripping in flow are like quicksand to their devoted listeners and new converts alike, and the lyrics display a strong array of social conscience, playful swagger and soul. “…it’s as if the coolest, curated set list of independent, college-rock radio was strung together by a heavy-lidded, wonderfully medicated, late-night campus DJ.” – Mike Bell, The YYScene With the EP and previous singles hitting high points on charts, playlists and beyond – their unique and blissful vibe continues pushing boundaries and growing their fan base exponentially. Having graced several festival stages in Alberta, the pair consistently release impressive instalments in their wheelhouse. The captivating juxtapositions of Nu-Jazz and Neo-Soul are among the rarest in Canadian music and will not soon be glossed over. – MB