Dusty old vinyl samples mixed with Yolanda’s silky smooth vocals take you on a journey to that golden place where music is sweet.

Sargeant X Comrade can be described as the pioneers of Lo Fi Soul. A new sound that is gaining popularity throughout Canada and all over the world. Yolanda’s rich, smoky vocal tones have been catching the attention of music connoisseurs and neo-soul enthusiasts from all over. Sargeant X Comrade’s first release “Magic Radio” has been well received and is quickly gaining popularity on the radio charts. It includes some big name veteran rap features (from Canada & US) as well as some funky musicians that help bring the whole sound together.

Genres: Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Lo Fi Soul, Experimental, Nu-Jazz

Magic Radio (released June 20th, 2020) is Sargeant X Comrade’s 1st full length album.

“You never know quite what’s around the next corner or the next chord change when you take a sonic trip with Sargeant X Comrade. Yolanda Sargeant’s rich, smoky vocals – playful or melancholy, joyful or pensive – come in over top of a fresh and unexpected mixture of elements in each song. Sometimes it’s ‘40s swing piano riffs tinkling over a languid hip hop beat. Sometimes it’s haunting flamenco guitar mixed with reggae styles blended with soulful trip hop. Always, it’s distinctive and fascinating. Always, you can bet on it to draw you in.

Sargeant’s vocal style infuses inspirations like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Erykah Badu into a style entirely her own. It comes together with the sonic architecture of producer Evgeniy a.k.a. Comrade a.k.a. White Russian Production, to form a sound that is exciting and challenging, featuring unexpected and captivating juxtapositions of elements and genres.”